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The NPD is the only nationalist party in Germany that still defends the interests of the ordinary german. That is why we are the enemies of the Western liberal establishment. With your support, NPD can continue to do so in the future and say aloud what many people think quietly.

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Die soziale Heimatpartei

The European Parliament hides the true masterminds behind the Iran crisis The world is witnessing a sad tragedy these weeks: while the EU and the Tehran government are holding on to the so-called “nuclear deal” with Iran, the US government under President Trump does everything to try to sabotage the fragile agreement. Only recently, Washington

EU wants to ban ‘wrong’ political symbols – but only the “extreme right” ones The EU has discovered an urgent need for action: it wants to extend the ban on “wrong” rightwing political symbols that is already in force in Germany and in some other member states across the whole of Europe. Of course, the

Udo Voigt speaks out in the European Parliament against the giant ‘AB-Mittelrhein’-showtrial in the city of Koblenz Yesterday’s Monday in Strasbourg’s European Parliament saw a several-hour debate on the topic “Strengthening Citizens’ Rights in a Union of Democratic Change”. The NPD MEP Udo Voigt brought another judicial scandal from the West German reality on the

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Die soziale Heimatpartei

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    „Immigration kills Germany!“

    Udo Voigt arrested in Marrakesh during protest against Global Compact for Migration A fatal strategic step: in Marrakesh the much contested UN-“Compact for Migration“ was officially adopted by 164 nations on Monday midmorning. Some countries, among them Austria, stayed absent and refused adoption. Switzerland and Italy weren´t represented as well. ...
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    The Parliament of crooks and clowns:

    How the President of the EU-Parliament tried to protect Chansellor Angela Merkel against Udo Voigt It was a great show for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel today in Strasbourg. In a keynote address to the European Parliament, she defended practically all the questionable achievements of her chancellorship, from the ‘salvation’ of Greece over the...








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